Transient Topography
High-rise Construction as Landscape

About the Project

In 2013 Paul Casselman was commissioned to photograph the redevelopment of this site. The project documented the stages of construction, the work that was done, and the workers themselves over four years. Throughout the project, we were committed to creating a meaningful portfolio of photographs that would be published as a book. This exhibit came into being as One York Street and Harbour Plaza’s section of P-A-T-H opened to the public. The idea that photographs of the redevelopment could be presented to the people who work and live here, on the actual site, inspired the exhibit that you see now.

About the Photographer

Paul Casselman is a professional photographer living and working in Toronto who, for over thirty years, has brought his artistic sensibility to his shooting. He studied fine art at OCAD. In the course of his career his artistic sensibility has always been included in his work – photojournalism, aerial, architectural, landscapes through to portraiture and fine art photography. He is now a leading photographer in the real estate sector where all these skills are called upon by his clients.